Frequently asked questions


What is OBLMINE?

Can I start mining without investing?

You can start the booty without attachments, because we give 2300 bonus DOGE for crypto currency, also we have a referral and bonus program.

How long does it take to start mining?

Mining begins immediately after buying CLD and choosing a crypto currency.

Our service prohibits

  • Create more than 1 account.
  • Apply for withdrawal of bonus funds.
  • It is forbidden reel up referrals.
  • What determines the speed of mining?

    The speed of mining depends on many factors:

  • From the purchase amount of CLD power cloud.
  • From the complexity of extraction of the crypto currency, the number of blocks per day and the amount of compensation for the block.
  • From the cost of electricity and cooling system.
  • From the change in the exchange rate of the BTC, the commission for maintenance work.


    How does the affiliate program work?

    You get 10% of any CLD purchases your referral makes.


    I forgot my password.

    You can retrieve it by going to the Log-in page and clicking "Forgot password".

    Can I change my password?

    Yes, navigate to "Profile" in your Dashboard.


    Can I withdraw bonus funds?

    No, you can only buy Cloud power for the bonuses you get also for visiting the site daily and registering.


    The deposit is delayed, what should I do?

    In order for the deposit to go through you need to wait for several confirmations. This can take from 10 minutes to 24 hours depending on the currency.

    How often can I withdraw?

    You can withdraw as often as you want, but you need to meet the minimum amount.

    What's the minimum deposit?

    There's no minimum deposit.

    How fast does a withdrawal request go through?

    Usually it takes from 10 minutes to 24 hours and depends on the currency you're trying to withdraw.

    Can I check my estimated earnings?

    We have an income calculator for that. You can find it in your Dashboard.